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answer to those for whom no amount of power is enough.
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Some Random Links

Cleveland.com we highly recommend the sports section Science Daily cool science
Audio Recording Center sound advice Sound on Sound Audio Articles, Home and PA

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Hereís another fun fact about sensitivity: Amplifier power must double to increase a speakerís SPL by 3dB. 
So a speaker rated at 85db for 1 watt needs 1 watt to produce 85dB of sound, 2 watts to produce 88dB, 4 watts to produce 91dB, 
8 watts to produce 94dB, 16 watts to produce 97dB, 32 watts to produce 100dB, 64 watts to produce 103dB, 
and so on until you reach the average maximum db of modern speakers which is 130db.
Conversely, sound falls off fast. 
Sound pressure levels (SPL) will attenuate by 6 dB with the doubling of the distance. 
If a speaker were capable of 135 dB at 3 feet, then 6 feet would have an SPL of 129 dB. 
By doubling the distance to 12 feet, the speaker would output 123 dB and so on. 
Another consideration is that doubling up on the speakers will result in a +3 dB increase. 
If a speaker has a peak output of 135, by adding another speaker the output would increase to 138 dB.

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