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Presntly I can not run sound till the Doctor clears my Knee in March

 Pa systems are suppose to widen your sound so everyone can enjoy your music. Too many sound people just crank it up to max volume and call it good.
 Music is suppose to be pleasing, part of that pleasing is volume. No one enjoys ears that hurt.  No one wants to stand at the back of the club. 
 They want to be upfront, having fun with the band.

 If you want a PA system to sound great then you came to the right place.
 No mumbo jumbo about A vs C wieghting, munson curves, we just use a spectrum analyzer to verify what our ears here. 
 Flat frequecy responce, clarity and a solid volume is what we are after. Our goal is to keep the people at your show because it sounds great.

 Our system is 2 Peavey SM15 for mains (Peavey SP2G for outside shows), 2 EV SB180 for subs, stage monitors, Samson SX2800 amplifier for mains & subs (900 watts per side)
 QSC USA 900 amplifiers for monitors (270 watts for each monitor speaker). Mixer is a Yamaha MG24/14FX. (16 mic channels 4 monitor feeds)
 Other gear includes Rane AC22 crossover, Rane DC24 Compressor, Limiter, Gate, BBE 442, Sure 57 Microphones for instruments with Nady Drum Mics. 

 We do business seminars, personal parties and other events where you require great sound.
 Rent one of our systems for your wedding and we will play YOUR song list the way YOU want. 
 We can even do a 5.1 system for outdoor movies.
 Fell free to send us an email for availability and price.

Some of the gear we use with links to PDF files

Yamaha MG24/14FX Mixer Peavey RQ2300 Mixer Samson SX2800 Amplifier
Samson S2000 Amplifier QSC USA 900 Amplifier Carver PM700 Amplifier
Rane AC23B Crossover DC24 Compressor Samson S Compressor
BBE 482 Sonic Maximizer Behringer Ultra Pro Electro Voice SB180
Peavey SP2G Peavey SP115M Rane Mojo Crossover
Sure 57 Microphones Electro Voice Co7 Microphones Sennheiser e835 Microphone
Peavey 600B Mixer Nady Drum Mics Review of Nady Drum Mics

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Gear we have built/modified and some are for sale

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